What people say about Harry:

"Harry's insight was incredibly valuable during a recent restructuring in my office. Harry helped provide me with the necessary tools to identify where efficiency could be added to my office. Harry spent time in my office monitoring how personality and responsibilities impacted productivity. Harry's commitment to customer service and the priority he places on delivering results is outstanding. If your corporation is interesting in maximizing the potential of staff, I highly recommend making use of Harry's expertise." — Shane Keating, Councillor - Ward 12 at the City of Calgary
“Harry is a person with a unique combination of heart and skills that makes him a true inspiration. Harry is the most positive person I know. He is also probably the most brilliant person I know. Harry not only has a near-photographic memory, but he also has the ability to analyze any given situation using his amazing ability of recall. He can see a silver lining in any situation, and can turn a negative into a positive, be it for a person or a company. Harry has technical abilities that surpass the mundane or the syntactical - He is able to bend technology to strategically enable an IT department, however large or small, however handicapped by budgetary constraints, to help the business achieve its goals. I have seen these abilities in action when I worked for Harry at the Bank of New York. That ability won the Bank the Windows World Open Award from Bill Gates in 1994.” — Vinith Nayak, Consultant, The Bank of New York