What people say about Harry:

“Rarely will you find someone with a wealth of experience, positive outlook, great analytical skills, and drive. Harry combines all of that plus he is a great mentor and an excellent people person too. Harry is truly unique. I’ve worked with a lot of brilliant people and I am yet to find another person who possesses all of Harry’s wonderful traits. If you ever have the opportunity to work with Harry, take it. Working with Harry has been one of the best experiences in my career.” — Michael De Candia, Technical Support Specialist, Workforce Logistics
"My relationship with Harry goes back almost 15 years. We met at Cap Gemini when I took over some extra responsibilities that had been previously held by Harry. Through this transition, we became friends and our paths have been connected on many levels ever since. Harry is one of the most analytical leaders I have had the honor of interfacing with throughout the years. His passion for his customers success in unparalelled. He is incredibly well read and makes sure to stay current with key thinkers in the areas of Leadership, Management and Business direction. He has a passion for people and is always looking to improve the lives of others. Working with Harry has been a great experience and one I wish more people could share. He is a great teacher and thought leader and has the ability to bring value to everyone and everything he touches. He is sensitive to the needs of others and has the ability to recognize the impacts of his decisiions. I would gladly recommend Harry to anyone looking to engage a resource of his caliber. As a Leader, Subject Matter Expert, Architect, CTO, or in other key leadership positions, Harry could only shine and help others to do the same." — Jonathan Silverman, Client Services Executive, Microsoft