What people say about Harry:

"My relationship with Harry goes back almost 15 years. We met at Cap Gemini when I took over some extra responsibilities that had been previously held by Harry. Through this transition, we became friends and our paths have been connected on many levels ever since. Harry is one of the most analytical leaders I have had the honor of interfacing with throughout the years. His passion for his customers success in unparalelled. He is incredibly well read and makes sure to stay current with key thinkers in the areas of Leadership, Management and Business direction. He has a passion for people and is always looking to improve the lives of others. Working with Harry has been a great experience and one I wish more people could share. He is a great teacher and thought leader and has the ability to bring value to everyone and everything he touches. He is sensitive to the needs of others and has the ability to recognize the impacts of his decisiions. I would gladly recommend Harry to anyone looking to engage a resource of his caliber. As a Leader, Subject Matter Expert, Architect, CTO, or in other key leadership positions, Harry could only shine and help others to do the same." — Jonathan Silverman, Client Services Executive, Microsoft
“Harry is one of those rare breed of leaders that can truly inspire excellence in the people around him. He is not a "soapbox" kind of person, but a person that understands the human dynamic extremely well - "people buy from people". It is with a personal touch and high standards of excellence that he lives by that raise the bar and then assists others to meet or exceed those standards. I would recommend Harry to any executive position in a company because of his networking skills, his honesty, his customer centric focus and most of all his ability to truly inspire people to grow in their roles, to expand their roles and to help bring about beneficial change in a focused group or a larger organization.” — Paul Johnson, Engagement Manager, Microsoft