What people say about Harry:

“One in a million. A pure breed leader-by-example Harry had an enormous impact in my professional as well as personal life. Harry is "the" exception to the old Latin motto "Ubi maior minor cessat": he has the power and humility to make sure nobody around him feels "minor". I wish I’ll have the opportunity to work with you again in the future.” — Claudio Del Tufo, Senior Software Architect, Workforce Logistics
“I’ve had the privilege of knowing Harry since 1995 and he has never failed to amaze me, with his gifts of inspiring, motivating and empowering everyone he comes in contact with. While as a member of his development team at JPMorgan Chase in 1996, I suffered the loss of my wife of 25 years, and as you can imagine I was devastated and broken. My zest for life was chiefly aroused by the love and support of my family, therapy and Harry, who always encouraged me, with compassion and leadership to push on and be better despite the circumstances that life imposes. Now fast-forward to early 2008, when again I was devastated after my area and position with JPMorgan Chase was eliminated after 28 years of service, once again Harry came to the rescue. Harry’s only requirement is that everyone brings something of value to the table. That statement without explanation would be an intimidating one, given that not many people can contribute on the level that he does. The beautiful part is that he only insists that everyone brings the “Best that they have to the table”, therefore making all contributions equal and keeping all contributors engaged. I would be honored and excited to work with Harry again.” — Lewis Merle, JP Morgan Chase