What people say about Harry:

“Harry is a person with a unique combination of heart and skills that makes him a true inspiration. Harry is the most positive person I know. He is also probably the most brilliant person I know. Harry not only has a near-photographic memory, but he also has the ability to analyze any given situation using his amazing ability of recall. He can see a silver lining in any situation, and can turn a negative into a positive, be it for a person or a company. Harry has technical abilities that surpass the mundane or the syntactical - He is able to bend technology to strategically enable an IT department, however large or small, however handicapped by budgetary constraints, to help the business achieve its goals. I have seen these abilities in action when I worked for Harry at the Bank of New York. That ability won the Bank the Windows World Open Award from Bill Gates in 1994.” — Vinith Nayak, Consultant, The Bank of New York
“One in a million. A pure breed leader-by-example Harry had an enormous impact in my professional as well as personal life. Harry is "the" exception to the old Latin motto "Ubi maior minor cessat": he has the power and humility to make sure nobody around him feels "minor". I wish I’ll have the opportunity to work with you again in the future.” — Claudio Del Tufo, Senior Software Architect, Workforce Logistics