What people say about Harry:

“Harry is a rare bird, a techie that gets along really swimmingly with the user interface/design folks. He was a pleasure to work with, and I would be very happy to do so again someday. He has also since been a bit of a mentor willing to share his insight, experience and encouragement when needed.” — Liz McLellan, User Interface Designer, Workforce Logistics
“Harry is one of those rare breed of leaders that can truly inspire excellence in the people around him. He is not a "soapbox" kind of person, but a person that understands the human dynamic extremely well - "people buy from people". It is with a personal touch and high standards of excellence that he lives by that raise the bar and then assists others to meet or exceed those standards. I would recommend Harry to any executive position in a company because of his networking skills, his honesty, his customer centric focus and most of all his ability to truly inspire people to grow in their roles, to expand their roles and to help bring about beneficial change in a focused group or a larger organization.” — Paul Johnson, Engagement Manager, Microsoft